Christmas bin collections

Bin hangers are being delivered this week with Christmas bin-collection days on them, look out for yours on your rubbish bin. Remember that your bin-collection day will change over Christmas and the New Year.

Bin Collection over Christmas & New Year


Bin hangers were put onto all rubbish bins in early December that explained when collections days would change over Christmas and the New Year.

To check what changes apply to you, you can find out your bin collection days by entering your postcode.

Our Christmas collection schedule is as follows:

Recycling Bin Week

Usual Collection DayRevised Collection Day
Monday, 25 DecemberWednesday, 27 December
Tuesday, 26 DecemberThursday, 28 December
Wednesday, 27 DecemberFriday, 29 December
Thursday, 28 DecemberSaturday, 30 December
Friday, 29 DecemberTuesday, 2 January


Rubbish Bin Week

Usual Collection DayRevised Collection Day
Monday, 1 JanuaryWednesday, 3 January
Tuesday, 2 JanuaryThursday, 4 January
Wednesday, 3 JanuaryFriday, 5 January
Thursday, 4 JanuarySaturday, 6 January
Friday, 5 JanuaryMonday, 8 January


Recycling Bin Week

Usual Collection DayRevised Collection Day
Monday, 8 JanuaryTuesday, 9 January
Tuesday, 9 JanuaryWednesday, 10 January
Wednesday, 10 JanuaryThursday, 11 January
Thursday, 11 JanuaryFriday, 12 January
Friday, 12 JanuarySaturday, 13 January


If you are a garden-waste subscriber please put out your garden-waste bin to match the changes to your normal waste/recycling collection.


(Real) Christmas Tree Recycling


You can recycle your Christmas trees at these locations up until Saturday, 13 January:

  • The Farm Shop, Lyne

  • Wyevale Garden Centre, Addlestone

  • Bourne Valley Garden Centre, Woodham

All decorations and lights must be removed before you can recycle it. Alternatively, Christmas trees can be taken to Lyne Lane Community Recycling Centre in Chertsey.

We will not collect any Christmas trees put out with bins. If you subscribe to our garden-waste collection you can cut your tree up and put it in your garden waste bin.


Recycling at Christmas

This Christmas remember that you can recycle your Christmas cards and wrapping paper unless they have glitter on them or are made of metal foil (shiny or scrunchy) in which case please put them in your rubbish bin.

If you don't know if something is recyclable or not download the Recycle For Surrey App from either Google Play or the App Store and you can check anything on there.