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Surrey County Council has been commissioned to assess the traffic impact for multiple scenarios as part of the Runnymede 2035 Local Plan using the county's strategic highway-model.

A320 Corridor Study Interim Report (December 2017)

Arcadis has been appointed jointly by Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC), Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) and Woking Borough Council (WBC) to assess the cumulative quantum and distribution of vehicular trips from development proposals in Runnymede, Surrey Heath and Woking boroughs and forecast the impacts on the A320 corridor. The study outcome is to develop a preferred package of mitigation measures to address and/or minimise the impact of the proposed growth to enable delivery of the developments. Ultimately the study is to inform the boroughs Local Plans.

The interim report dated January 2018 below has been produced to confirm progress with the study so far. The report contains concept stage mitigation measures, initial sketch schemes and high-level costings for identified mitigation proposals. This January 2018 report supersedes the earlier December 2017 report which can be viewed below for information. 

pdf icon A320 Corridor Study Interim Report January 2018 [7Mb]

pdf icon A320 Corridor Interim Report (Draft) December 2017 [9Mb]

Strategic Highway Assessment Report (October 2017)

The aim of the Runnymede Strategic Highway Assessment Report is to assess potential development-sites and to highlight junctions and sections of road to focus mitigation solutions.  

This will aid the borough by providing transport evidence to inform the Regulation 19 (draft Local Plan) consultation.

The Strategic Highway Assessment Report can be viewed below:

pdf icon Strategic Highway Assessment Report 2017 [7Mb]

Transport Assessment (June 2016)

The Transport Assessment sets out the development and validation of the model, the forecasting methodology, and the results and appraisal of the traffic impact of the potential development sites in Runnymede.

The Transport Assessment and related figures can be found below:

pdf icon Runnymede Transport Assessment (June 2016) [5Mb]

pdf icon Fig 3.1 [6Mb]

pdf icon Fig 3.2 [6Mb]